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About Nicholas McGeehan

Nicholas McGeehan is a middle-east researcher at Human Rights Watch

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Where is the outrage on David Cameron’s scandal in the Gulf?

The UAE, we now know, was busy planning its own operation against Muslim Brotherhood affiliates at home while urging David Cameron to do the same in Britain.

Bahrain's rights, Britain's failure

Britain's lack of support for freedom of expression in Bahrain is a flawed and self-defeating policy, says Nicholas McGeehan of Human Rights Watch.

UK firms face unsightly reality of Qatar's global ambitions

The challenge for UK firms is a serious one - how to conform to the industry’s best practices which they preach in a country where the standard practice is so poor?

Britain is turning its back on slavery and the abolitionist ethos

The British struggle to abolish slavery has been described as one of the most ambitious and brilliantly organised citizens' movements of all time, but in recent years there has been an inadvertent repudiation of the abolitionist ethos. Britain’s laws once again facilitate enslavement at home, while the warm welcome afforded to the rulers and branding vehicles of the United Arab Emirates means we are turning our back on slavery abroad.

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