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About Nick MacWilliam

Nick MacWilliam is a journalist on Latin America who has written for the Guardian, teleSUR, Jacobin, Red Pepper, openDemocracy, Pluto Press, Latin American Bureau, and others. He is co-editor of Alborada magazine. Follow him: @NickMacWilliam.

Articles by Nick MacWilliam

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Was a peace agreement ever possible in a country as complicated as Colombia?

Easy to imagine the president sizing up how that Nobel Prize would look on his mantelpiece. But the impact of the No vote will only become known in the fullness of time.

Migrants in the Mediterranean: Europe's new disappeared

Not only is the UK government's decision to stop supporting search and rescue operations immoral, its replacement policy of deterrence to stem migration is also misguided. 

The arrest of Cristian Labbé breathes new life into Chile's human rights struggle

New charges indict one of the most ensconced figures on the Chilean right, and a symbol of the enduring impunity for members of Pinochet's regime. 

Two killings, two videos–and a double standard

The world now knows the name of James Foley, the US journalist brutally murdered by Islamic State. Rather fewer have heard of Kajieme Powell, also a US citizenalso now dead.

Chile's support for Palestine: two-faced on indigenous rights

Chile's diplomatic outcry against Israel has been welcomed by supporters of the Palestinian cause, but its indigenous Mapuche communities continue to face discrimination, brutality and repression at the hands of the state. 

The new Godzilla film is yet another example of Hollywood's military fetishism

“Hollywood is a fundamental cog in the propaganda machine” The most recent film of Godzilla only serves to highlight Hollywood's fetishism of military hardware and glorify an expansionist militarism.

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