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About Nicolai N Petro

Nicolai N. Petro is professor of politics at the University of Rhode Island (USA). He served as the U.S. State Department's special assistant for policy on the Soviet Union under George H.W. Bush.

Articles by Nicolai N Petro

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Russia’s Smouldering 'White Revolution'

The Putin regime has little to fear from the latest public protests which, despite drawing large crowds, are apolitical. True politics will only become possible in Russia when both the opposition and the regime focus on the tedious work of practical politics, says Nicolai N. Petro in his highly personal view of recent events.

Why the FSB is not the KGB!

Last month amendments were passed to the law codifying the FSB’s surveillance of those citizens deemed to be threats to national security. Nicolai Petro, unlike some Western commentators, sees these as potentially making Russia's domestic security procedures among the world's most transparent.

Recasting Ukraine's identity?

Against the background of the recent gas dispute, Nicolai Petro suggests that the West recast Ukraine's identity. Rather than a border region, it should be seen as a cultural centre, binding Europe's Eastern and Western halves.

The Medvedev moment

The next Russian president's record shows that in office he will be far from Vladimir Putin's puppet, says Nicolai N Petro.

Russian democracy: a reply to Mischa Gabowitsch

Mischa Gabowitsch's view of Russia illustrates how common misrepresentations damage understanding of the country, says Nicolai N Petro.

Russia through the looking-glass

A true understanding of developments in Russia challenges the distorted perceptions of western governments, media, and human-rights organisations, says Nicolai N Petro.
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