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About Nicolas Lebourg

Nicolas Lebourg is a researcher focusing on the extreme-right. His Ph.D. dealt with nationalist revolutionaries and the radical right wing. He published "François Duprat, l'homme qui inventa le Front National" (Denoël, 2012) and "Le Monde vu de la plus extrême droite" (PUP, 2010) and holds a column in the weekly newspaper Nouvel Observateur.

Articles by Nicolas Lebourg

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Marine Le Pen, the radical right and French Islamophobia - Part II

Nicolas Lebourg continues (see part one) to explore how the Toulouse events contributed to shaping Marine Le Pen’s electoral strategy. While it is dubious that Islamophobia played the most decisive part in her latest presidential score, she placed it on the top of the political agenda for the second round.

The Toulouse killings and the radical right - part I

There were some good reasons to suspect the French extreme right of theToulouse killings. In this first article, Nicolas Lebourg shows how, once the identity of the killer was known, Marine Le Pen could switch her discourse to Islamophobia, a terrain on which she feels most comfortable.

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