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About Nicole Scicluna

Nicole Scicluna is a postdoctoral researcher at Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin. Her book, European Union Constitutionalism in Crisis, will be published by Routledge in November 2014.

Articles by Nicole Scicluna

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Playing by the rules? Budgets and brinkmanship in the EU

The eurozone did not arrive at the brink of collapse for lack of rules. But – perhaps befitting a political project pursued by legal and economic means – the rules that established the currency union often bent to political will.

Hollowing out the core: the divergent paths of the eurozone’s leading economies

What, then, of the idea of ‘core Europe’? Despite solemn invocations of common interests and joint challenges, cohesion, leadership and the political will to compromise are sorely lacking amongst member state governments.

The German Election: what does it mean for Europe?

As predicted, Sunday’s German federal election resulted in a resounding victory for Angela Merkel. But with growing German euroscepticism and hesitation about the country's future role in the Union, the results for Europe are not yet in.

Democracy in a state of emergency: Greece, the EU and the eurozone debt crisis

Day after day, it is becoming clearer that the European Union has no intention of tackling its democratic deficit. It is time for the Union to realize it has failed Greece, European citizens and its own ideals - including democracy.

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