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About Nikita Malik

Nikita Malik is a researcher from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. She is currently conducting fieldwork in Jordan. Follow her work on or @nixmalik on Twitter.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Iraqi refugees from Mosul seek a home away from home

Nikita Malik

Christian families who have the means have managed to escape the Islamic State in Mosul for Jordan, which has provided a transit point, but where to next for Iraqi Christians?

Another brick in the wall

Nikita Malik

Israel hopes that any Islamist extremists planning to infiltrate its borders will come up against a brick wall.


Jordan’s Muslim Brothers: the last of a dying breed?

Nikita Malik

Jordan is unlikely to follow Saudi Arabia and ban its Muslim Brotherhood. Fraught with internal divisions, the Kingdom’s largest opposition party poses a weak threat. 

Syrian conflict transforms security regulations in Jordan

Nikita Malik

As fighters join Al Nusra and ISIL at an alarming rate, the Jordanian government responds with new anti-terrorism measures. 


Jordanians split over the war in Syria

Nikita Malik

Syrian state media accuses Jordanians of being rebel allies but this is to oversimplify. Many Jordanians do support the insurgency against Bashar al-Assad. But some oppose it and many others have grown skeptical as the spillover from Syria to Jordan increases.

Does Jordan need nuclear energy?

Nikita Malik

Jordan hopes to become self-reliant with the creation of two nuclear power plants. However, in the future, there are dual challenges in the form of cost and safety.

Water, water, everywhere

Nikita Malik

Jordan, Palestine, and Israel struggle to reap benefits from a groundbreaking water agreement.

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