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About Nikolay Nikolov

Nikolay Nikolov is a producer for AJ+ and the founder of Banitza. He is also a PhD student in Politics at UCL. Twitter: @Nikolay_Nikolov

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Adam Bychawski

Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Our lives may be rubbish, but they are lives worth living

Theatre Replika's We Are The Rubbish From Eastern Europe documents everyday life in order to illustrates just how pervasive the remnants of Bulgaria's socialist legacy are.

The sea is full of bodies

Morgan Knibbe’s film Those Who Feel the Fire Burning offers up a powerful meditation on migrant deaths, the Mediterranean, and powerlessness. At the Open City Documentary Festival on 17 June 2015.

Orchestrating democracy in Bulgaria

As Bulgaria heads for the polls for the fourth time in 18 months, is there any hope of political stability? What has caused this severe political crisis and can elections make a difference?

How long does it take to overcome an anti-democratic regime - lessons from Bulgaria

The government in Bulgaria has resigned after 404 days of protests. What has changed in the past year and how has it affected the state of democracy in the country?

The lead-up to the European elections in Bulgaria: how not to do politics

Ten days before the European elections, what is the situation on the ground in Bulgaria? Who are the main contenders and what are the main issues?

What's left when you are (far) right in Bulgaria?

The far-right nationalist party Ataka kick-started their European elections campaign in Moscow this week. What is the special relationship between the far-right and Russia in Bulgaria?

Searching for politics in Europe

We are in a state of apathy because we no longer know where the 'right' place for politics is. Read more from our You Tell Us bloggers on the topic of apathy in Europe.

From Kiev to Kosovo: a critical juncture

From Ukraine to the Balkans, the last twenty-four years have witnessed political elites preaching democracy while surreptitously undermining every single democratic institution, atomizing individuals through economic hardship and reducing freedom to a fake political independence.

Returning to Europe for the first time

I fear that the value of a European future of democracy and freedom is not a value shared within Europe itself. Read more from our You Tell Us bloggers.

From a rolling stone to moving mountains: the process of democratic change in Bulgaria

If there is a message that I can pass along after spending almost a month in Bulgaria, it is a message of unity.

Bulgaria: lost in transition

Many of the problems in Bulgaria today stem from the corrupt and undemocratic way in which the 1989 transition was carried out. Without recognising this, we cannot hope to change Bulgaria for the better.

What does #occupySU mean in the context of contemporary Bulgaria?

What does it mean to become a democratic citizen? Two Bulgarian emigrees interview a student protester in Sofia.

Dancing, alert and electrified: Bulgaria through the looking glass

We are on the right path as we see the formation of a new national identity that is fundamentally European; and we know that we all have a part to play, whether at home or abroad.

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