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About Nina Perkowski

Nina Perkowski is completing a PhD in Politics at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on EU external border controls. She has volunteered with migrants and asylum seekers in Germany and Italy, and spent three months monitoring migrants’ rights for borderline-europe in Sicily in 2012.

Articles by Nina Perkowski

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

More Frontex is not the answer to the refugee crisis

Rather than investing millions more in fences, patrols, and an EU Border Guard, we need the courage to accept that the policies of exclusion have failed.

No accident: why have 19,142 died at Europe’s frontiers?

The recent deaths off the coast of Lampedusa are a gruesome consequence of EU border and immigration control policies that follow the logic of security and restrictionism over human rights and international maritime law, says Nina Perkowski.

Migration in Italy: a ‘State of Emergency’?

The ‘state of emergency’ declared in the wake of the Arab Spring ends in four months time, but Italy is still failing in the basics of migration control and management. Despite international criticism, controversial push-back agreements have not been buried with the legacies of Berlusconi and Gaddafi, says Nina Perkowski

Border control: the unanswered calls

We are systematically discouraging the development of a humanitarian regime at sea, accepting death rather than uncontrolled immigration. Saving 'boat people' comes at a cost few are willing to take, says Nina Perkowski
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