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About Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is Institute Professor emeritus in the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Among his recent books are Hopes and ProspectsPower Systems, Occupy, and Masters of Mankind. His newest book (with David Barsamian) is Global Discontents: Conversations on the Rising Threats to Democracy (Metropolitan Books, December 2017) from which this piece was excerpted.  He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Articles by Noam Chomsky

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A world in peril: an interview with Noam Chomsky

"There's a diversionary process underway... out of the spotlight, the most savage fringe of the Republican Party is carefully advancing policies to enrich their true constituency: the Constituency of private power and wealth."

Rogue states and nuclear dangers

Who would be concerned by an Iranian deterrent? The answer is plain: the rogue states that rampage in the region, with the US and Israel in the lead.

Ceasefires in which violations never cease: what’s next for Israel, Hamas, and Gaza?

For a century, the Zionist colonization of Palestine has proceeded primarily on the pragmatic principle of the quiet establishment of facts on the ground, which the world was to ultimately come to accept. It has been a highly successful policy.

How many minutes to midnight?

Despite Hiroshima's scars, history cruelly reveals one instance after another in which the US elected to maintain the power of nuclear weapons for statecraft, squandering opportunities to de-escalate in favor of building the case for the national security state. 

On Israel-Palestine and BDS

Those dedicated to the Palestinian cause should think carefully about the tactics they choose.

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