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About Olesya Khromeychuk

Olesya Khromeychuk is a Teaching Fellow in Modern European History at King’s College London. She was a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the University of East Anglia in 2015-2018. Her current research focuses on the participation of women in military formations during the Second World War and in the ongoing conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine. She is the author of ‘Undetermined’ Ukrainians. Post-War Narratives of the Waffen SS ‘Galicia’ Division (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2013).

Articles by Olesya Khromeychuk

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Militarised society: memory politics, history and gender in Ukraine

In Ukraine, history could be used to help make sense of the brutal ongoing war, but it can also be instrumentalised for political gains.

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What place for women in Ukraine’s memory politics?

Conflict may have forced Ukraine to re-evaluate its past, but public officials do their country a disservice by excluding and particularising the role of women. Українською

Film review: 'All Things Ablaze' (dir. by Oleksandr Techynskyi, Aleksei Solodunov, Dmitry Stoikov)

All_things_ablaze_2014_poster - Варвара Перекрест (дизайн), Юлія Сердюкова (фото)- wiki.jpgOne year on from the mass protests that racked Ukraine, the documentary film All Things Ablaze attempts to deal with the events developing in the country’s capital, Kyiv in February 2014.


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