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About Oliver Ward

Oliver Ward is a freelance journalist and the political editor of ASEAN Today. A self-professed politics junkie, he has been featured in The London Economic, International Policy Digest, The Duran and The East Asia Gazette among other places.

Articles by Oliver Ward

This week’s front page editor


Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Democrats should aim for Medicare for More rather than Medicare for All

Expanding public health coverage, rather than universalising it, might be a more realistic goal.

La generación del milenio y la política: ¿hay esperanzas?

Los millennials se encuentran con unos sistemas políticos que no se parecen en nada a como son ellos, que no hablan su mismo idioma y que no abordan sus principales preocupaciones. Pero todo esto podría estar cambiando. English

What hope for the millennial generation in politics?

Millennials are confronted by political systems that don’t look like them, speak like them or address their core concerns, but that may be changing.

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