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About Omar Sabbour

Omar Sabbour is an independent Egyptian writer and activist. His main research area centres around the Arab Spring - and reactions to it by both western establishments and 'anti-establishment' movements. He has been interviewed on Al-Araby, Orient TV and Al-Jazeera. Some of his written work can be found in the Huffington Post and the New Arab.

Articles by Omar Sabbour

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How Britain’s recognition of Israel violated its colonial “mandate” over Palestine

Britain’s undertakings from the government’s own archives, show a pride rooted in false promises of “one nation promising a second the land of a third”

How Saudi Arabia and Iran shared the rise and fall of Ali Abdullah Saleh

The commonly held view that the conflicts in Yemen – and elsewhere in the region – are a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia must be revised.

Don't do It: why attacking Afrin city would be a major blunder for the Syrian rebels

To attack a major Kurdish population centre alongside the forces of a historical adversary is a mistake firstly in terms of principle.

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