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OurNHS is a campaigning journalism site, dedicated to protecting and restoring England's NHS as a comprehensive, publicly funded service.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

"The whole agitation has a nasty taste" - Nye Bevan on so-called 'health tourism'

As the government announces that NHS staff are to be issued with card readers to take payment at hospital bedsides, from anyone who can't prove their eligibility, it's worth re-reading NHS founder Nye Bevan's discussion of the 'health tourism' issue.

Help us to help the NHS

Doctors striking, nurses protesting - the NHS needs independent journalism, free of government and corporate spin, more than ever. And now we need your help to crowd-source funding for our coverage.

NHS campaigners say 'No' to NHS Commission

Campaigners oppose Alan Milburn and Norman Lamb's latest wheeze, and MPs must too.

The NHS needs spin-free journalism - please help

Doctors striking, politicians 'thinking the unthinkable' about the NHS - in 2016, the NHS needs 'OurNHS' more than ever. To continue breaking the stories the mainstream media miss, OurNHS needs your help now.

OurNHS needs your support

As government tries to divide health workers and patients, OurNHS publishes the truth behind the spin. And now we're asking the people who know the NHS best to step in and help keep our vital work going.

Save OurNHS - Winter appeal

OurNHS exposes sneaky moves towards NHS charges, hospital sell-offs, cuts and privatisation that the mainstream media miss. Now it needs your help to continue, so we're launching an urgent appeal.

Whilst politicians go off on their holidays, let's unite and fight

OurNHS is the only media outlet that is fiercely pro-NHS. We break vital stories that other media miss. And now we need your help.

Event - Wednesday 11 March 11.30 - Back the NHS Bill!

A Bill will be presented in parliament tomorrow by a cross-party alliance of MPs, which aims to save the NHS from the commercialisation that is beginning to kill it. Join us! All welcome.

Help us save the NHS

For anyone who loves the NHS, it is time to act. We don’t have much time to reverse the destructive reforms already underwayWe urgently need your support.

"Should there be competition in the NHS?"

OurNHS openDemocracy Editor Caroline Molloy debates with Andrew Haldenby, head of the Reform think tank, in a discussion hosted by Ian Collins for the Express newspaper.

Lord Owen reacts to Clive Efford's NHS Bill

Efford proposals are 'imagintive' and 'deserve careful consideration', says Lord Owen

Brand new NHS Reinstatement Bill from Allyson Pollock gives hope to campaigners

Leading NHS campaigners have come together to produce an NHS Reinstatement Bill which contains all the vital ingredients to stop and reverse NHS privatisation. And they want your views.

A talk on the politics of cancer in an age of austerity

On 2 July Wendy Savage and Hilary Wainwright join Mike Marqusee to launch his new book on the politics of cancer and NHS privatisation at Housmans bookshop in London. 

Fourteen questions for new NHS boss Simon Stevens

The new head of the NHS, Simon Stevens, appears before the Health Select Committee today. Here are fourteen questions OurNHS hopes MPs will ask him.

Labour's new health ideas - will they rescue NHS from 'organisational dementia'?

We've been tweeting our thoughts on Labour's Oldham Commission on 'Whole Person Care', which launches its report today on integrating Health & Social Care. 

NHS boss apologises for tweeting Hitler parody

The debacle - the cracks are showing at the top....

Hospital closure clause - day of action 27th February

Fight to protect your local hospital from fast-track closure! A day of action in London on Thursday 27th February.

The NHS and EU/US Free Trade - Public Meeting 3rd Feb

A meeting on Monday 3rd February will give people the opportunity to share ideas on how the forthcoming US/EU trade deal could affect the NHS, and what campaigners can do about it.

OurNHS in 2013 - some highlights

Why not check out some of our stories you may have missed?

Have yourself an NHS Christmas…

Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping? Been a little busy this year trying to save the NHS? Worry not...

Brand new OurNHS guide to NHS campaigning and resources

A brand new guide to NHS campaigning and resources from OurNHS's own archives and across the web. 

Resources - Campaign guides and briefings on the NHS

This section of OurNHS's new 'Resource guide' has campaign guides and introductory briefings on the Health & Social Care Act and a bit of history.

Key NHS campaigns

Our top 10 NHS campaigns! Part of the new OurNHS 'Resource guide'.

Campaign guide - Hospital Closure Clause

Stop the Hospital Closure Clause - UPDATE - the Clause has finished the Committee Stage (where serious concerns were raised) and will return for the Report stage and the key, final vote, in March. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Restore the duty to secure a comprehensive health service in England

The Health & Social Care Act abolished the Secretary of State's duty to secure a comprehensive health service, for the first time since 1948. We need it back. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

Campaign guide - NHS Privatisation

The Health & Social Care Act 2012 paved the way for rapidly accelerating NHS privatisation in England - read on for why we must try to hold it back, and some practical ideas. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

Campaign guide - NHS Cuts and closures

I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS, promised Cameron. But what's the real story? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - charging and insurance

Despite promises to protect an NHS 'free at the point of use' there are signs that charging is on its way. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - PFI and other sell off of NHS assets and buildings

Whether through Private Finance Initiatives or sell-offs to developers, our hospital and clinic buildings are under threat like never before. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Foundation Trusts

Foundation Trusts were a big step towards a marketised NHS - and now all NHS Trusts have to become one, though many are struggling. So what's the future? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Privacy and medical information

‘Big Data’ is big news (and big money) in the NHS with campaigners asking ‘whose data’ and ‘transparent to whom’? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - Quality and safe staffing in our NHS

Concerns about quality have been high on the agenda, whilst cuts are having a significant impact on frontline care and staffing. One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns

NHS campaign guide - International Trade

Could international trade treaties make privatisation permanent? One of OurNHS's key NHS campaigns.

Resources - Practical tools for NHS campaigners

There's lots of practical help out there - this section of OurNHS's new 'Resource guide' will help you find it.

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