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About Patricia Daley

Patricia Daley is a lecturer in Human Geography in the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford. Her latest book is Gender and Genocide: the Search for Spaces of Peace in Central Africa. Oxford: James Currey; Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press.



Articles by Patricia Daley

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Mairi Mackay is openDemocracy’s senior editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Understanding contemporary violence in Central Africa: militarism, race, and gender

It is time to challenge the conventional explanations of gender based violence. Patricia Daley argues that it can only be understood in association with contemporary geo-economic forces and the Central African experience of modernity

Recalling 1970s London: has life improved since for the young, poor and black?

A lecturer at Oxford University remembers her teenagehood as a native Jamaican in Hackney, one of London's poorest boroughs and one of the worst-hit by last week's riots. The reflection leads her to ask if she would have achieved success if she had grown up in the Britain of today
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