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About Paul Mason

Paul Mason is an English journalist and broadcaster, who became Economics Editor for BBC2's Newsnight, and then on Channel 4 News. His most recent book is PostCapitalism: A Guide to our Future (Allen Lane, 2015).

Articles by Paul Mason

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Neoliberalism has destroyed social mobility. Together we must rebuild it

In his first monthly column for openDemocracy, Paul Mason argues that the mission of radical social democracy must be to rekindle hope in a simple idea: that life in your community will get better. Ne...

Recuperemos nuestros medios

Periódicos racistas, noticias falsas - ¿ya has tenido suficiente? openDemocracy se enfrenta a los déspotas del mundo, da voz a los más débiles y promueve un debate sensible e inteligente. Únete a nosotros hoy.

Let's take back our media

Racist newspapers, fake news – had enough? openDemocracy takes on the world’s bullies, gives voice to the powerless and hosts sensitive, intelligent debate. Join us today.

"A Gramscian party in a non-Gramscian world." An interview with Paul Mason

#ThisIsACoup, a four-part documentary series that sets out to ‘tell the story of how the European Union destroyed the first radical left government in modern history’, premiered on Tuesday. An interview.

Being in the same room with Mike Marqusee

A journalist's salute to a man who was more than a writer. In memoriam.

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