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About Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh is a teacher, writer, and precarious worker. He writes on grassroots politics, social movements, and neoliberalism. Find him on twitter: @josipa74.

Articles by Paul Walsh

This week’s front page editor

Claire Provost

Claire Provost is editor of 50.50 covering gender, sexuality and social justice.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The dangers of a push-button Brexit

The 2016 vote offered a binary choice of in or out. Any new vote must expand the conversation.

Trapped on Brexit Island

How did we get here, and how do we escape? Transforming education would be a start.

Brexit, Corbyn and us: what disappointment can teach us about politics and ourselves

If politicians aren’t planning for disappointment then they’re not living in reality. 

Halfway to Gilead: how the alt-right’s online culture wars made hate mainstream

Breitbart himself said that “politics is downstream from culture”. Expanding what’s sayable to determine what is doable, here’s how the alt-right grew roots. Review of Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies.

Life’s a pitch

Welcome to the new economy, where everyone is free to submit to another round of degrading competition.

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