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About Pavel Chikov

Pavel Chikov is chair of AGORA, an association of human rights organisations based in Kazan. Agora, founded in 2005, provides legal advocacy for victims of suspected human rights abuses, in particular for journalists, political activists and NGOs. Since 1999 Chikov has been a leading human rights lawyer and head of a number of Russian human rights organisations in Moscow and Kazan.

Articles by Pavel Chikov

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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Putin versus the NGOs

Protest against new changes to the law on NGOs, 201The Kremlin is busy dismantling the institutions of civil society. How can NGOs develop, now that the rules have changed?
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Russian NGOs: the funding realities

Continuing oDRussia's debate on the future for Russian NGO funding, now a view from the coal face. Pavel Chikov is chair of one of the country's most respected NGOs: he argues that foundation grants remain the simplest way to let human rights activists get on with their work. 

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