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About Pedro Henrique Leal

Pedro Henrique Leal is a freelance journalist and a human rights activist in Brazil. He writes for the independent websites À Margem and Coletivo Metranca, as well as Jaraguá do Sul newspaper O Correio do Povo.

Pedro Henrique Leal es un periodista independiente y comentarista de derechos humanos ubicado en el sur de Brasil. Tiene una Maestría en Periodismo de Guerra, y colabora con el sitio web independiente Coletivo Metranca.

Articles by Pedro Henrique Leal

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Bolsonaro y la extrema derecha brasileña

Le llaman "el Mito". El diputado federal Bolsonaro, estrella de la extrema derecha y uno de los políticos más populares de Brasil, aspira a presidir el país en 2018. English

Bolsonaro and the Brazilian far right

They call him “the Myth”. Federal congressman Bolsonaro is Brazil’s far-right star and a presidential hopeful. He is also one of the most popular politicians in Brazil. Español

Homophobia, fire and terror in Brazil

While specific horrific cases of homophobia are condemned, the overall mentality is not. Politicians wish the issue would disappear, and there is no education in schools.

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