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Perry Link is professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton University, specialising in 20th-century Chinese literature. His publications include Evening Chats in Beijing (WW Norton, 1993), Banyang suibi (Notes of a Semi-Foreigner) (Taipei: Sanminchubanshe, 1999) and The Uses of Literature: Life in the Socialist Chinese Literary System (Princeton University Press, 2000)

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Charter 08: a blueprint for China

A declaration by Chinese public figures supporting movement towards democracy and human rights in China was published on 10 December 2008. The stern reaction of China's authorities is a measure of the challenge it represents. The document is translated and introduced by Perry Link, professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton University, who also adds a postscript describing the regime's treatment of some of its signatories.

(This article was first published on 5 January 2009)


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