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About Peter Linebaugh

Peter Linebaugh, a historian currently residing in the region of the American Great Lakes, grew up amid the hopes and rubble of post-war London, was schooled by (among others) Anglicans in Karachi, Quakers in Swarthmore, and Cold Warriors in New York.  Later he worked with E.P. Thompson at the Centre for the Study of Social History at the University of Warwick.  Thompson's widow, Dorothy, the pre-eminent historian of Chartism, welcomed Peter's Magna Carta Manifesto when it was published by the University of California Press in 2008. That book contains William Morris' priceless account of 14th century peasant accounts of the death of King John, accounts which he is proud to perpetuate as history from below at its best.

Magna Carta Manifesto cover
Peter's book, Magna Carta Manifesto.

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What can a document sorting out ruling class differences 800 years ago be used for? David Carpenter’s Magna Carta with a New Commentary is a book about documents, which is both its glory and its downfall.

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