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About Peter Lippman

Peter Lippman is a life-long human rights activist based in Seattle, Washington. He has spent much of the past two decades in Bosnia-Herzegovina, living there before the war and two years afterwards. Since that stay he has returned to Bosnia fifteen times and is writing a book on postwar human rights activism in the country, first visiting Kozarac in 1998. You can see some of his writings here.

Articles by Peter Lippman

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Refugees return to Kozarac in Bosnia to rebuild community

Re-making Kozarac is about overcoming dislocation, chronicling the return and restoration of a community in Kozarac in northwestern Bosnia-Herzogovina. Book review.

Bosnia: blood, honey, and war's legacy

A film portrayal of the horrors of systematic rape during Bosnia's war of 1992-95 highlights the victims' suffering and bravery. But the romantic thread of Angelina Jolie's work fails to convince, says Peter Lippman.

Bosnia’s politics of paralysis

Bosnia’s tenth election since the end of the war of 1992-95 highlights the damaging influence of a post-war settlement that institutionalises ethnic politics, says Peter Lippman.

Srebrenica, fifteen years on

The dignified commemorations of the massacre of Bosnian Muslims in July 1995 retain their integrity and human core, even as the leaders of a divided Bosnia seek to channel the grief into political pageantry. Peter Lippman, in eastern Bosnia, reports.

Visegrad, memory and justice

The survivors of a terrible but neglected atrocity in a historic Bosnian town continue to campaign for remembrance and accountability. Peter Lippman joins them on their return to the site.

Bosnian voice, Yugoslavian memory

The sense of justice and consistency of principle of the Bosnian activist Mladen Grahovac should be a reference-point for those attempting to repair a fragmented country, says Peter Lippman.

Crisis and reform: a turnaround in Bosnia?

An unexpected compromise has ended a period of instability in Bosnian politics. But the underlying problems that caused the turmoil are far from overcome, says Peter Lippman.

Kosovo: approaching independence or chaos?

Serbs' endorsement of a constitution reaffirming sovereignty over Kosovo casts a further shadow over the "final status" of the contested territory. Peter Lippman, recently in Pristina, maps one of Europe's most intractable disputes.

Srebrenica's search for justice

The Serb massacre of around 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys in July 1995 remains agony to the survivors, professional challenge to lawyers and scientists, and a source of political polarisation among Bosnians and Serbs, reports Peter Lippman.

The discovery of a mass grave in August 2006 near Zvornik in eastern Bosnia containing the remains of 1,150 Bosnian victims of the Srebrenica massacre is only the most recent evidence of the scale of the atrocity per

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