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About Peter McColl

Peter McColl is co-editor of Bright Green and rector of Edinburgh University.

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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is the mainsite editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

14 lessons from the Scottish referendum

A month on from Scotland's independence vote, here are 14 lessons it taught us.

Scotland should relish the chance to run its own currency

The pound is a free floating currency. No one needs Osborne's permission to use it. But it is also a very expensive currency, destroying Scottish exports and so Scottish jobs. Independence will bring the opportunity for Scots to set up their own currency. It's one they should grab.

Nelson Mandela: see the movement he personified as well as the man

Nelson Mandela was a great man, but it is the movement he was part of which changed the world.

This isn't what recovery looks like. Cameron's house price gamble will cost us all.

Cameron's recovery isn't really a recovery, and he's betting the house on a rise in the price of homes. This is exactly the mistake we made before the crash.

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