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Petri Autio studied History, Philosophy and Development at Glasgow University. He now works for a qunatitative hedge fund in London and write concrete poetry. He blogs at


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This week's editor


Our guest editor, Valsamis Mitsilegas, director of the Criminal Justice Centre at Queen Mary University of London, introduces this week’s theme: Privacy and Surveillance in 2016.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Is Assange the "world-spirit embodied"? A Hegel scholar reports from the Žižek/Assange Troxy gig

WikiLeaks combats the hidden but constant brutality of institutionalized violence, not just by the news content it brings to light but by disturbing the formal functioning of power itself: it has the power to circumvent the oblique ways in which information flows and thereby rewrite the very rules which regulate how rules can be violated. The critical task is to keep this disruptive strength alive.
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