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About P.G. Macioti

P.G. Macioti (PhD) is a researcher and activist in the field of citizenship, migration, language and sex work. She was one of the founders of the x:talk project in London, and is co-convenor of ICRSE. She currently works for the sex workers' counselling centre Hydra e.V., in Berlin. P.G. regularly intervenes in critical academic and activist seminars and debates about sex work, including the 2015 consultation with Amnesty International Germany. Her 2014 publication on Stigma and Prostitution Policies sparked heightened debates within the German Left party. She is a member of ProsPol COST Action, and currently conducts research on sex workers’ access to mental health services in Europe, funded by OSF, with Giulia Garofalo Geymonat and Nick Mai.

Articles by P.G. Macioti

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Across the world sex workers organise to resist abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. For two weeks we will air their voices. Let us listen.

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