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About Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen  is managing editor of Livingmaps Review, an on line journal of critical cartography which launches in November. His recent books include On the Wrong Side of the Track:East London and the Post Olympics (Lawrence and Wishart 2013) and  Reading Room Only: memoir of a radical bibliophile (Five Leaves 2013). Further information:  and


Articles by Phil Cohen

This week’s front page editor

Julian Richards

Julian Richards is managing editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Can Corbyn forge a new bottom up social democracy?

Only time will tell whether Corbyn can forge a new social democracy capable of overturning the realpolitik of neo-liberal austerity.

Living the dream: a letter from Paris

The true nature of perversion is a turning away both from the real and from the imagination of what might transform it. A meditation on Euro-Disney and bad sex.

Beyond carnival capitalism: London 2012 and its legacy of hope

London 2012 provided a key insight into the shifting relationships between global, national and local as residents with no material stake in the Games came together to participate in their success. How might the power of this already-existing ‘commons’ pave the way for an alternative legacy? 

Towards a good enough Legacy: the long term impact of London 2012

As London 2012 draws to a close the questions of Legacy and how to measure the Games' impact emerge as present tense issues. In this week's Friday essay Phil Cohen challenges the starting point of these discussions: the assumption that the population who use and will come to use the space all share the same vision as the narrowly selected development committee. 

A beautifying lie? Olympic culture and kitsch @London2012

The directorial questions facing Danny Boyle in his upcoming dramatisation of the Tempest for the London 2012 opening ceremony feedback into the very heart of these Games and the conceptions of Britishness on which they depend. Phil Cohen examines the self-regarding kitch on which the Olympic project depends.

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