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About Phil Gunson

Phil Gunson es Analista Senior para la región andina del International Crisis Group. Con base en Caracas, Phil investiga, y produce materiales para el diseño de política y para la defensa de cuestiones políticas en la región andina, centrándose en la situación política venezolana.

Phil Gunson is Andes Project Senior Analyst at internacional Crisis Group, Based in Caracas, Phil researches and produces Crisis Group policy materials and conducts advocacy on political issues in the Andes region, focusing primarily on the Venezuelan political situation.

Articles by Phil Gunson

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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Venezuela: receta para el conflicto

Una propuesta antidemocrática para una nueva constitución, y la retirada de la OEA de una Venezuela cada vez más aislada, son dos elementos que acentúan un conflicto que se agudiza cada día que pasa. English

Venezuela: a blueprint for strife

An undemocratic proposal for a new constitution and an increasingly isolated Venezuela’s withdrawal from the OAS are two developments of an increasingly upsetting crisis. Español

Dura aterragem na Venezuela

A Venezuela está à beira do precipício. A ação concertada ainda pode evitar a sua queda. Mas quanto mais se atrase, mais venezuelanos morrerão por falta de medicamentos, pela má nutrição ou pela violência. English Español

Duro aterrizaje en Venezuela

Venezuela está al borde del precipicio. La acción concertada puede aún evitar su caída. Pero cuanto más se retrase, más venezolanos morirán por falta de medicinas, por malnutrición o por violencia. Português English

Venezuela’s hard landing

Venezuela is on the edge of the precipice. Concerted action may yet pull it back. But the longer it is delayed, the more Venezuelans will die from lack of medicines, malnutrition or violence. Português Español

Venezuela: towards elected dictatorship

Hugo Chàvez's constitutional referendum is the last chance for Venezuelans to prevent the entrenchment of authoritarian rule, says Phil Gunson.

Hugo Chávez: yo, el supremo

Venezuela's revolution is leaving democracy behind, reports Phil Gunson in Caracas.

Bolivarian myths and legends

The political polarisation of Hugo Chávez's "Bolivarian revolution" in Venezuela is reproduced in the way the phenomenon is reported and assessed. Phil Gunson assails the defects of "solidarity journalism" and calls for a debate about Venezuela based on reality not propaganda.

Venezuela: a seat at the top table

Hugo Chávez's vigorous campaign to secure a United Nations Security Council place for Venezuela is based on outmoded views of national sovereignty and human rights, argues Phil Gunson in Caracas.

Venezuela's media in a Bolivarian storm

Is Hugo Chávez a champion of or threat to free media? Phil Gunson, in Caracas, reports.

Hugo Chávez's provocative solidarity

Hugo Chávez's interventions in neighbouring states are part of a vaulting political ambition that is leading Venezuela towards confrontation with the United States, writes Phil Gunson in Caracas.
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