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About Phoebe Griffith

Phoebe Griffith leads IPPR’s migration programme and co-authored ‘An immigration strategy for the UK’. She is a recognised media commentator, public speaker and advisor on a range of migration issues.

Articles by Phoebe Griffith

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Could the end of Britain’s tabloid-driven migration policy be in sight?

Right now, there’s a political window for a more sensible, positive approach to migration that could boost regional economies, strengthen productivity and help achieve trade deals, a new report finds.

Integration, integration, integration – the fundamental missing from Britain’s immigration policy

Britain will be a land of high immigration for years to come. We need to start making the best of it.

Encountering incivility

Assumptions which link incivility with diversity and disadvantage are very often wrong: a recent report found that it's the middle aged men in suits who regularly come in for harsh criticism, says Phoebe Griffith

Cohesion: prevention, action and vision

Political discourse around cohesion in the UK has come down to a simplistic juxtaposition between those “who obey our laws” and those who don’t. The government needs to re-think its laissez-faire policy on cohesion, says Phoebe Griffith

Could diversity be making us more civil?

A walk in one of the poorest and most diverse areas in Britain reveals that contrary to popular belief, it seems that extremisms flourish in homogenous areas. So what explains social resilience in the face of great diversity?

Politics, race and the recession

During a recession British politicians need to listen to civil society and think carefully about how they debate race.
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