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About Pierre Schori

Pierre Schori was Secretary General of Sweden's foreign ministry 1982–91, later member of the cabinet 1994–99 and Deputy Foreign Minister responsible for issues of foreign aid and migration, Social Democratic member of the European Parliament, and Sweden's ambassador to the United Nations. He is Chairperson of the Olof Palme Memorial Fund. 


Articles by Pierre Schori

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The fateful issue in Sweden’s autumn election was nuclear weapons

As we await the formation of the new Swedish government this week-end, one overriding issue and far too narrow an escape consumes the thoughts of an elder statesman.

García Márquez and "the Latin American who came in from the cold"

Former Swedish deputy foreign minister and UN ambassador Pierre Schori remembers circumstances and characters, including the late prime minister Olof Palme, that linked him to Gabriel García Márquez, in the work they did on Latin America.

Words of welcome: 2011 Olof Palme Prize

On January 27, in its 25th award ceremony, the 2011 Olaf Palme Prize for International Understanding and Common Security was given to Lydia Cacho Ribeiro and Roberto Saviano for their tireless and often lonely efforts to expose criminal networks despite great personal risk. Before the award, the Prize chairperson addressed the two honoured guests and an illustrious audience.

Afghanistan: peacekeeping without peace

The international intervention in Afghanistan is beset by problems. But it can still be put right if the strategy is “civilianised” and “Afghanised” under United Nations leadership, say Pierre Schori & Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh.

Europe’s global challenge: three crucial months

The problems of global economy, climate and security are sharpening. Europe has a critical opportunity to emerge as a progressive force in tackling them, say four leading figures in the continent‘s development-policy arena: Simon Maxwell, Paul Engel, Dirk Messner & Pierre Schori.

Europe and the Arab world: divided souls

An intransigent western policy towards radicals in the Arab world, typified by the boycott and isolation of Hamas-led Palestine, is of benefit only to extremists. Europe must follow a better way, says Pierre Schori.
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