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Piers Purdy is managing editor at democraciaAbierta. He is a writer and political analyst. He holds a BA and an MA in politics and international affairs. 

Piers Purdy es gerente de redacción en democratiaAbierta. Escritor y analista politico, es licenciado y máster en políticas y en relaciones internacionales. 

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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Apès avoir parcouru 5.500km à travers l'enfer

Les témoignages recueillis pendant une semaine dans le seul centre humanitaire de France pour les migrants, éligibles à déposer une demande d’asile, nous montre que son travail est nécessaire, aujourd’hui plus que jamais. English

After walking 5,500km through hell

The stories from a week in France’s only humanitarian centre for registered refugees show us that their work is needed now more than ever. Français

¿Cómo hacer que América vuelva a ser grande otra vez? ¿Atacando a México?

Mientras el Presidente Trump concluye su primera semana en la Casa Blanca con políticas de proteccionismo extremo, parece evidente que no habrá  tregua para América Latina. English

How to make America great again? Bully Mexico.

As President Trump concludes his first week in the White House with extremely protectionist policies, there will be no sigh of relief in Latin America.  Español

"Si volviera a nacer, volvería a ser trabajadora sexual"

Elena Reynaga, Secretaria Ejecutiva de RedTraSex y fundadora de la Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina, cuenta su historia, y la de la lucha continua por los derechos de las trabajadoras sexuales. Entrevista. English 

"If I were born again, I would still be a sex worker"

Elena Reynaga, RedTraSex Executive Secretary and founder of AMMAR shares her story, the success of her organisations and the ongoing fight for sex worker rights in Latin America. Interview. Español

Venezuela, choose your President

We can learn a lot about the current humanitarian crisis in Maduro’s Venezuela through Woody Allen and the Tropico computer game series. Español

Venezuela: elija su propio dictador

Es posible entender la crisis humanitaria que está teniendo lugar en la Venezuela de Maduro a través de Woody Allen y el juego de computadora Tropico. English

As feridas dos Jogos Olímpicos do Rio de Janeiro continuam abertas

Depois da desaparição das câmaras fotográficas e dos sorrisos de felicidade olímpica, o Projeto 100 recusa-se a esquecer as famílias que ficaram do lado dos derrotados nestes Jogos. Español English

Las heridas de los Juegos Olímpicos de Río siguen abiertas

Tras la desaparición de cámaras y sonrisas de felicidad olímpica en la ciudad, el Proyecto 100 no quiere olvidar a las familias que cayeron del lado perdedor de los Juegos. Português English

Rio’s Olympic wounds are still raw

The cameras and winning smiles have left the city, but Project 100 refuses to forget the families on the losing side of the Olympics. Português Español

After Cameron: How can you mend a broken country?

In seeking a One Party Britain, David Cameron sowed the seeds not for a united nation, but a divided one. A sign that Britain’s ‘Left Behind’ are now beginning to have their voices heard.

Civil society under attack in Latin America

Core civil society rights have been violated in at least 14 Latin American countries in 2015, says Civicus’ annual report on civil society. Español

La sociedad civil, atacada en América Latina

Según el informe anual de Civicus sobre la sociedad civil en el mundo, se violan derechos fundamentales en al menos 14 países de América Latina. English

What exactly do pro-Brexiters mean when they say they want to make Britain great again?

Do we measure a nation's greatness as being restricted to its borders, or as being part of a much larger project?

The current Euro-debate is driven by a nationalist agenda

Today, it is entirely possible to be a Eurosceptic while opposing withdrawal from the EU, seeking further European cooperation within a democratic framework preventing the empowerment of big business.

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