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About Pooyan Tamimi Arab

Pooyan Tamimi Arab studied Art History and Philosophy in Amsterdam and New York. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Cultural Anthropology department of Utrecht University, writing a dissertation on the use of loudspeakers for the Islamic call to prayer in the Netherlands.

Articles by Pooyan Tamimi Arab

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Norway's shame: educational discrimination against Iranian students

Iranian students are being systematically discriminated against by the Norwegian government. This is a closed minded approach that goes against long term European interests.

A march on Brussels? Never say never!

Conservative and nationalist blocks have successfully politicized Euro-elections. The other parties must clearly profile what they want to pursue and what re-arrange within the EU, to stand any chance of providing a home for citizens who have ample reason to grumble. Euro-elections landscape, 2014.

Updating Europe's narrative: "It's the citizen, stupid!"

The founding fathers of the European Union had the citizen in mind, which makes European citizenship a centrepiece of Europe’s narrative. However, in these days of crisis, the civilizing mission of the EU rings hollow in view of its democratic deficit.

Transcending tolerance? The evolution of Dutch DNA

Visitors to the Amsterdam Museum are now met with the immodest claim that tolerance is part and parcel of the “Amsterdam DNA”. The concept of tolerance as understood now, and in bygone decades, needs critical interrogation if we are to advance a good society for all.

Stop sanctions against Iranian students in the Netherlands

Iranian students in ‘sensitive’ studies should not be seen as posing a threat. They are usually not secretive nuclear scientists, but scientists, artists, architects, economists. These students, amongst the brightest minds from Iran, find themselves caught up in a broader xenophobic context.

Dutch Ltd! Dutch nationality is becoming exclusive

The Dutch government has presented a proposal to amend the Nationality Act 2003 to Parliament. The proposed amendment seeks to block dual nationality to Dutch citizens and to individuals who wish to become Dutch in order to 'purify Dutch nationality'.

Leaving Camp Liberty

An interview with Michael (pseudonym), US citizen, born in 1978, who went to work in Iraq in April 2010 for a company taking care of logistics for the US. After three months at three military bases, he concluded that it would be better for the Americans to leave
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