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About Prof. Ian Christie

Ian Christie is a film historian, curator, broadcaster and consultant. He is also Professor of Film and Media History at Birkbeck College, University of London. 

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Alexei German I knew

Last week, Russians bid farewell to a man many considered to be the country’s greatest living filmmaker. Largely under-appreciated in the West, Alexei German’s films delighted in their complexity, tones, textured aesthetics, and the absence of simple heroes or villains. Ian Christie remembers him

A meeting with Andrei Konchalovsky: Part II

Director Andrei Konchalovksy and film critic Professor Ian Christie continue a fascinating conversation. In this second part: censorship, the Communists, corruption and civilisation. Part one can be found here

A meeting with Andrei Konchalovsky: Part I

From subversive Soviet art films to Hollywood blockbusters, biting satires on postcommunist Russia to a recent 3D fantasy, director Andrei Konchalovsky has produced an extraordinary and diverse body of work. Ian Christie, meanwhile, is an acknowledged authority on world cinema and Professor of Film at Birkbeck University. At openDemocracy’s request, the two met in London. The conversation, which ranged from Konchalovsky himself to the ethics of art, is an absorbing one. Part 1 of 2.

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