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About Rachael Crook

Rachael Crook is a MPhil candidate in the Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University. Her research interests include LGBT rights in the international system, the political impact of religious revivals,human rights, organized crime and public international law. She has
interned with BRAC in Bangladesh, researching interventions to assist
sex workers and the Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and
Constitutional Law in Kampala, and is the co-editor of the St Antony's
International Review
special issue on 'The Challenges of Illicit Economies'.

Articles by Rachael Crook

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The sources of global homophobia

Activists and politicians working for the human rights of LGBT people must study the history which underlies the fears they are trying to allay. Understanding who benefits from homophobia, and why, is a crucial step in this process, argues Rachael Crook

‘Gays, Gods and Governments': homophobia in Uganda

The drama playing out in Kampala over the tabling of the Anti Homosexual Bill for its first reading in the Ugandan Parliament represents a complex interplay of historical, political and religious factors, says Rachael Crook

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