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About Rachael Maskell

Rachael Maskell is the MP for York Central. Having been a health professional in the NHS, and also Head of Health at Unite, she has spent a lifetime campaigning for health services and for a fairer society.

Articles by Rachael Maskell

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why you can’t solve the NHS’s problems by banning smokers and the obese from treatment

NHS underfunding and legal changes are leading local NHS managers to deny healthcare to large groups of people who need it, on the basis of inappropriate ‘lifestyle’ rationing – meaning more pain, and more cost in the long run.

Tory marginal MPs facing electoral axe because of NHS crises in their patch

New research from Unite union predicts that the fate of 11 Tory MPs at the 2015 election could be strongly influenced by the rising tide of public concern about the state of the NHS in their areas.

The scandal of low pay in the NHS

Low pay in the NHS is a scandal that affects both staff and patients, but could be easily addressed.

Who's responsible for our NHS whilst Hunt plays spectator?

Jeremy Hunt should stop playing yahboo politics and and restore his own legal responsibility to secure a comprehensive NHS, which last year's Act scrapped.

The Left and the Big Society VI: Rachael Maskell of Unite

How will the left respond to the clear challenge of the Conservatives' Big Society project? In the latest in our series, Rachael Maskell, of Unite, argues that the Big Society idea is simply a smoke-screen for the privatisation of public services.
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