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About Raffaele Marchetti

Raffaele Marchetti is a Jean Monnet Fellow at the department of social and political science of the European University Institute and a research associate at the University of Urbino, where he works on a European Commission project on Democracy in Europe and the Mobilisation of Society (Demos).

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Manuel Serrano

Manuel Serrano is junior editor at DemocraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

¿Fin del ciclo hegemónico americano?

La presidencia de Trump podría acabar teniendo efectos polarizantes a nivel nacional, pero efectos despolarizantes a nivel internacional. English

End of the American hegemonic cycle

We might end up with a Trump presidency that has polarizing effects domestically and depolarizing effects internationally.

What to do with the United Nations?

The United Nations is at a pivotal moment in its sixty-year history. Can it become an instrument of democratic global governance? Daniele Archibugi & Raffaele Marchetti draw on the various proposals for UN reform to suggest a new way ahead based on transparency and legality backed by political action.

Migration needs global regulation

People Flow proposes a regulatory system that is nationalist and discriminatory. Instead we need a global system of regulation based on the principles of free movement and universal justice.
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