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Ram Mashru is a freelance journalist whose writing encompasses international affairs, human rights, politics and social affairs. His work has been published in, among others, The Independent, Prospect Magazine, The TImes 2 and The Huffington Post UK. He can be followed on Twitter @RamMashru.

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Heather McRobie

Heather McRobie is an editor at 5050.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A reformed role model: India, a reluctant rights promoter

A reply to Meenakshi Ganguly and Aseem Prakash.  A far more instructive question they might have asked is, ‘is it in India’s interests to promote rights globally?’ - and regrettably the answer is ‘no’. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate on Emerging Powers and Human Rights.

A return to the Raj: India’s anti-democratic use of sedition laws

Some say that Aseem Trivedi, the satirical cartoonist imprisoned in India this September, set himself up to achieve very little by highlighting an already deep rooted problem. But Trivedi’s real victory may be to have uncovered how India’s antiquated sedition laws are silencing democratic dissent

Eliminating the middle man: the Indian government’s contempt for civil society

In India, the concept of civil society is only a nascent one, but the authorities already view it with suspicion. Behind the 'biggest democracy in the world' façade, the lives of activists, journalists and academics who dare to challenge official policies are made increasingly difficult. The future of India's emerging civil society is uncertain.

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