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About Rebecca Sentance

Rebecca Sentance is a member of the Pirate Party UK press team, and has been involved in Pirate politics since 2014. She first became interested in issues of copyright, information sharing, remix culture and online freedoms after supporting the documentary TPB AFK on Kickstarter in 2010 and researching the ideas behind it.

Articles by Rebecca Sentance

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

UK's Official Secrets Acts overhaul provides little protection for whistleblowers

Whistleblowers who leak official information could be prosecuted and jailed regardless of the public merit of the information they revealed, or whether any damage to national interests was actually caused.

Why whistleblowers are essential to democracy

In a functioning democracy, it is absolutely crucial for power to be held to account. For this we need whistleblowers.

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