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About Rebecca Willis

Rebecca Willis is an associate of the environmental think-tank Green Alliance, and convenes its climate leadership programme. She advises the Lake District national park on climate change, and since May 2011 has been a council member of the Natural Environment Research Council. She writes on climate change, energy policy, public attitudes to the environment, government spending and taxation, and the environmental and social impact of new technologies. Her publications include (with Nick Eyre) Demanding less: why we need a new politics of energy (Green Alliance, December 2011). Her website is here 

Articles by Rebecca Willis

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What is energy for?

So familiar has the social economy of energy become in modern societies, so routine its extraordinardinary wastefulness, so toxic its effects, that the capacity for a better way can be missed. By questioning the how, why and what of energy use, says Rebecca Willis, new possibilities - of living, travelling, eating, working and buying - can open

Beyond Orwell: scenarios for the European long term!

Europe’s achievement in the last half-century has been immense. But all visions run their course, and today the EU needs more than prosperity and security: it needs a vision of the good life. Can ‘sustainable Europe’ provide it?

Coming or going? NGOs in the new political landscape

The influence of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) - on governments, corporations, and public opinion - has not been matched by a clear understanding of their own role in the global order. What is their relationship to power? Are they agents of positive change, or merely of protest?
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