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About Reem Abbas

Reem Abbas is a Sudanese journalist, writer and an award-winning blogger. She blogs here and tweets @ReemWrites. As of October 2016, she will produce a bi-monthly podcast on her blog called "Make us understand"

Articles by Reem Abbas

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Sudan: the government and its obsession with pornography

"They kept asking me if I have a boyfriend; when I was kissed last …they threatened to take naked pictures of me or create a porn film featuring me." 

The clampdown on universities in Sudan

Sudanese universities are growing extremely hostile towards students and the violence is only escalating. If no agreement is reached, it is very likely that there will be much more bloodshed. 

Ameera: the day-to-day life of a tea lady in Sudan

A story of a tea-lady in Sudan, the injustice she has endured in the face of police brutality and repression.

The soul of Khartoum

The Governor of Khartoum, Abdel-Rahman Al-Khider has been determined to “civilize” Khartoum in the past few months. The idea seemed well-intentioned in the beginning .

Leave Nile Street alone

Every day, thousands of people, especially youngsters, leave their house to sit on Nile Street, by the beautiful Nile river and drink tea, coffee and enjoy ready snacks at the open-air cafes catered for and run by tea ladies.

No anniversaries in Sudan

Every year, when a Seed-Ahmed memorial event happened in Khartoum or other cities, it would be prohibited or raided by the police.

Remembering Mohamed Abdel-Salam in Medani, Sudan

"We enter the university with pens and notepads, but from now on we will enter with machetes to protect ourselves."

My friends sometimes rebel

In Sudan, you don't have to be in the war zones to meet a rebel.

Sudan: a state In debt, a people in debt

Everything has an interest rate and if you don't pay on time, as the Sudanese state and most of the population have discovered, the price goes up.

Sudan: who is responsible?

A week after Israel allegedly bombed an arms factory in Sudan, one thing is clear; there is more public anger towards the government than Israel.

Secret reading in Khartoum

In Sudan, the state security apparatus has adopted a new habit: confiscating and banning books. Authors and rights activists are rightly outraged, but this is helping the growth of a new reading culture in Khartoum.

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