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About Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy is a chartered accountant and graduate economist.  He is director of Tax Research LLP and advises the Tax Justice Network (of which he was a founder), the UK Trade Union Congress and many other organisations on tax policy issues.

Articles by Richard Murphy

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Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The cracks begin to show: a review of the UK economy in 2015 (part two)

Thus, the ultra-flexible UK labour market (“with employers in the driving seat”, in the government’s own charming words) – to be enhanced by the repressive new Trade Union Act – has had the effect of causing productivity to fall. Read part one here.

The cracks begin to show: a review of the UK economy in 2015 (part one)

On the first day of 2016 trading the FTSE 500 index nosedived. This surprised perennially optimistic business commentators, but will not surprise those who read the EREP review of the UK economy in 2015. Read part two here.

An 'NHS Tax' is not the answer

Labour is considering an NHS tax, we are told. But whether through National Insurance, or some other market tax, this is a regressive, market-friendly policy.

Britain's budget 2012: an overview of the elephant traps

Today the Chancellor presented his third budget since the Coalition gained power and ushered in the era of austerity. Tax expert Richard Murphy decodes a "really rather nasty budget" and ponders its gifts to the opposition.

Merkel and Sarkozy are proposing a catastrophe that will destroy the left across Europe

The entire continent is being steered towards disaster - for the sake of economically nonsensical policies that benefit only the banks while decimating societies.

A plea to St Paul's: follow Christ's teachings and support #OccupyLondon

London's tent city is on sacred land - the skirts of St Paul's Cathedral. The Cathedral's position on the occupation will be crucial for its future. Will it remember Christ's mission to free the oppressed and bring good news to the poor?

Osborne has got almost everything wrong, cuts are exactly the wrong way to go

The UK's deficit cutting plan is not going to work.

The tax justice movement needs policy proposals: A response to Stuart Weir

How do we reconcile the idealistic aspirations of the tax justice movement with the pragmatic need for reform? Richard Murphy, director of Tax Research LLP, sets out proposals.

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