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Richard Whittell works for Corporate Watch. He is the co-author of Resisting Reform: Water Profits and Democracy (Sage, 2010) and Dodgy Development: Films and Interviews Challenging British Aid in India (Corporate Watch, 2011)

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

No wonder social care is failing our sick and elderly, if this is how it treats its workers

Social care work is big business – and its business model rests on severely exploited workers who often aren't even paid the legal minimum wage.

When UK care workers fight back

Workers who provide essential services and compassion to vulnerable people are being forced to fight for the minimum wage.

Underpaid in the UK? The state probably isn’t going to help you

The government spends nine times more investigating benefits claimants than it spends probing employers who pay below the minimum wage.

Researching health companies: a web search guide

How to uncover the facts about the companies involved in NHS privatisation - a joint OurNHS/Corporate Watch guide, and the first in a series of bite-sized OurNHS guides to NHS campaigning. 

NHS regulations are unfair: they’ll stop us tax dodging!

The healthcare companies taking over NHS provision are lobbying regulators to allow their tax avoidance schemes to continue. 

The I word

When you hear a politician or a company boasting about "investment", always ask what the investors are getting in return.

Serco and pathology: the cost of profit in England's NHS

Serco was pleased to announce last week that GSTS Pathology – its joint venture with two London hospitals - was back in profit. But newly-released accounts show that, even after lab closures and accusations of cutting corners, GSTS is not yet the success story its owners like to suggest.

The Severn Trent takeover - corporate profiteering and tax avoidance on Britain's water supply

Severn Trent is the latest water company to be targeted for takeover by a motley group of investment funds. An analysis of their past deals reveals huge profits, meagre tax bills and a seemingly casual approach to ethical concerns. Once again public assets are turned into wealth for the few.

In the new NHS, what the private sector wants, it gets

Monitor, the lead regulator of NHS, is already easing the ‘regulatory burden’ borne by private companies enjoying the new market for healthcare in England. How does this square with the body's primary remit to "protect the interests of patients"? 

The philosophy of empowerment

JADS, an organisation active in defending its members‘ interests in rural districts of Madhya Pradesh, is facing a series of trumped-up police charges. The UK minister for international development has little to say while DFID’s political and economic agenda is so in tune with the Government of India’s embrace of corporate investment.

What the market takes from our NHS

Tax avoidance and high interest costs are diverting resources away from healthcare.

Learning to work for nothing

If you want to know what the UK government's 'workfare' schemes really mean, ask the people who are doing them

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