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About Bob Borosage

Bob Borosage is a Founder of the Campaign for America’s Future and Co-editor of The Next Agenda: Blueprint for a New Progressive Movement (Westview Press 2001). He can be reached via the Campaign at

Articles by Bob Borosage

This week’s front page editor

Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The stunning disappearance of candidate Trump

Trump’s rapid surrender exposes what we all knew to be true: that his populism was a posture, not a policy. He has no interest in taking on the establishment.

El perverso populismo de Trump

Cómo la plataforma "America First" (América, primero) de Trump distorsiona el populismo para proteger a los poderosos. English

Trump's perverse populism

How Trump's "America First" platform distorts populism to protect the powerful. Español  

Hillary and Bernie: the credibility gap

Clinton's difficulties don't stem from Sanders' attacks, but are rather a result of her own revealing choices. Has Clinton "unilaterally disarmed" herself?

Obama's liberal vision

At question is the basic American dream: the assumption that a decent life can be earned by hard work.

The Progressive Challenge: taking on robber baron politics

The following is taken from the opening speech at the Take Back the American Dream Summit in Washington, D.C., on June 18

The 1% Strike Back

The richest 1 percent of Americans capture 93 percent of all income growth. The challenge now is not to reinflate the economy, but to build a new foundation for growth by enpowering workers and holding executives accountable for the corrosive effect on democracy of this concentration of wealth.

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