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Robert Muggah is the co-founder of the Igarapé Institute and the SecDev Group. 


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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Europe faces a "welcoming crisis" when it comes to migrants and refugees. It's not fair.

"Anti-migrant sentiment is at fever pitch." Seeing ourselves as others see us.

Foreign Policy in Brazil: a sharp turn to the right

Make no mistake, the incoming government’s posture on issues ranging from climate change to open trade has global implications, not just for the region, but for the world. Español

La política exterior de Brasil se escora a la derecha

El posicionamiento del gobierno entrante sobre temas que van desde el cambio climático hasta el libre comercio tiene implicaciones globales, no solo para la región, sino para el mundo entero. English

The terrible price of zero tolerance immigration

The US Attorney General claims these separations are justified by the Bible and will deter illegal immigration, though there is no evidence backing either claim. His is a minority position.

Rio de Janeiro's militia on the rise (again)

Initially, the militias secured territory, guaranteed law and order, and achieved some legitimacy. But they have become ruthless criminal gangs, competing with those of drug traffickers. Español

The deception virus infecting the global liberal order

There is a perceptible shift in public mood, and the search for a vaccine to the deception virus is in full swing. 

How evangelical gang leaders are bringing a Holy War to Brazil

The expression “evangelical drug trafficker” may sound incongruous, but in Rio de Janeiro, it is an increasingly familiar phenomenon. Attacks on Afro-Brazilian religions proliferate. Español

Narcotraficantes evangélicos llevan la "guerra santa" a Brasil

La expresión “narcotraficante evangélico” puede parecer incoherente, pero en Río de Janeiro es un fenómeno cada vez más común. Los ataques a templos de religiones afrobrasileñas se multiplican. English

The new sustainable development goals advocate for peace and justice. Is Brazil listening? 

While Brazil made some important strides in sustainable development over the past two decades, it also risks moving backward in the years ahead. Español

Los nuevos objetivos de desarrollo sostenible abogan por la paz y la justicia. ¿Está Brasil por la labor?

Si bien Brasil ha dado importantes pasos adelante en el desarrollo sostenible en las últimas dos décadas, corre el riesgo de retroceder si no encara su enorme déficit de seguridad. English

A guerra argentina contra o crime pode ser contraproducente

As abordagens de linha dura para combater a violência criminosa não são novas na Argentina. Mas marcam uma mudança em relação à década anterior. English Español 

Este artigo se publica nel marco de la campanha Instinto de Vida.

En Argentina, la guerra contra el crimen podría ser contraproducente

Los enfoques de línea dura para combatir la violencia criminal no son nuevos en la Argentina. Pero marcan un cambio con respecto a la década anterior. English Português

Este articulo se publica en el marco de la campaña Instinto de Vida.

Argentina´s war on crime could backfire

Hard-line approaches to combating criminal violence are hardly new to Argentina. But they do mark a change from the previous decade. Español Português

This article is published as part of the campaign Instinto de Vida

With the future of liberal democracy hanging in the balance, what next?

While the results of the US election should be respected, Democrats (and liberals everywhere) must rapidly begin organizing to push back. There is simply too much at stake.

New data visualization explores city fragility around the world

One of the world´s most comprehensive city mapping platforms was launched in the Hague and Stockholm last week

Con los últimos ataques de Anonymous, comienzan los juegos digitales en Río

El grupo hacktivista ha incrementado significativamente sus ataques cibernéticos contra los Juegos Olímpicos. Pero, ¿podría una respuesta de mano dura poner en riesgo las libertades digitales de todo el mundo? English

With Anonymous' latest attacks in Rio, the digital games have begun

The hacktivist group has significantly ramped up its cyber attacks for the Olympic Games. But could a heavy-handed response put everyone’s digital liberties at risk? Español

¿De dónde vienen las armas del crimen en Río de Janeiro?

La mayoría de las armas de fuego en manos de la población están fabricadas en Brasil. Su control es clave para reducir la escandalosa cifra de muertos por herida de bala. English

Where do Rio de Janeiro's crime guns come from?

The vast majority of firearms in the hands of the population are of Brazilian origin. Its control is the key to reduce the striking number of deaths caused by gunshots. Español

São Salvador, e não Caracas, foi a cidade do mundo com mais homicídios em 2015

Com quase 200 mortos por cada 100.000 habitantes, é provável que a taxa de homicídio de São Salvador supere a de mortes violentas em muitos dos conflitos armados no mundo. English Español

San Salvador, y no Caracas, fue la ciudad del mundo con más homicidios en 2015

Con casi 200 muertos por 100.000 habitantes, es probable que la tasa de homicidios de San Salvador supere la de muertes violentas en muchos de los conflictos armados en el mundo. English Português

San Salvador, not Caracas, was the world´s most murderous city in 2015

With almost 200 murders by 100.000 inhabitants, probably San Salvador´s murder rate exceeds the violent death rate in many of the world´s most vicious armed conflicts. Español Português

A world free of fear and violence

The forcefulness of the 2030 Agenda´s commitment to preventing and reducing violence is surprising even for those who campaigned for their inclusion.

Brazil´s foreign policy is in the dark

Brazil could play a critical role in promoting stability in an uncertain world. But no. From openDemocracy.

It´s high time to rethink how we measure global drug policy

What are urgently needed are new goals, targets and indicators for real reductions in supply and demand, instead of investing in military hardware, police equipment and intelligence support.

Brazil doubles down on cyber security

The out-sized military response risks compromising citizens’ fundamental rights. If Brazil is to build a cyber security system fit for purpose, an informed debate is imperative.

Cop cams go global

Brazil´s military police have long equated law enforcement with warfare. But there are signs that the status quo is changing, and worldwide.

Memo to Brazil: in the post-2015 development agenda, advocate for peace

Brazil should consider brokering a broader conversation on development that includes peacebuilding at its heart. At the same time, its diplomats can constructively challenge the creeping securitization of development.

A chronology of crisis in the Sahel

Awareness has not necessarily translated into more investment in good governance or poverty-reduction programmes. Instead, the US has supported training of local special forces units in counter-terrorism.

The future of humanitarian action to be decided in Medellin

It will be decided in these new types of situations that are neither war nor peace, a new kind of menace facing cities worldwide.

Brazil should take a shot at United Nations reform

The United States and others in NATO are looking to Brazil to help shoulder the burden in the world´s hot-spots, including Syria. Until now, Brazil has refused, but is focusing too obsessively on negotiations inside the United Nations.

Killing them softly in Medellin

More than sixty musicians were threatened with death immediately after El Duke´s funeral. The ceremony was considered a provocation by armed criminal groups, or BaCrim as they are known in Colombia. But ultimately, the police must demonstrate that they are in the business of protection and not punishment.

Relocation failures in Sri Lanka

The tragic consequence of internal displacement in Sri Lanka and the failure of the government to address the situation will most likely be renewed instability.

Stay alive: turning around a failing war

A deep strategic rethink is needed to reverse the dismal failure of the war on drugs and gangs, particularly in the way this has been fought across Central America and the Caribbean. Intimate community engagement and integral policy approaches are crucial steps in moving on from the bankrupt iron fist.

Breaking our promise to Haiti

The Haitian government’s handling of the situation has been spectacularly poor. But the international aid sector's record has also been dismal.
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