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About Rocío Ros Rebollo

Rocío Ros Rebollo is a Spanish journalist and entrepreneur. Her startup, Proyecto V, is a digital magazine specialised in feminist journalism. Find her and Proyecto V on Twitter: @rociorosreb, @ProyectoVmag.

Articles by Rocío Ros Rebollo

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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is the mainsite editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Video: Trump's anti-immigrant policies aren’t all that different from our own

The state-sanctioned backlash against migrant rights is transatlantic. At a protest against Trump in London, we asked people about the parallels between US and UK policies.

Cómo lucha Pamplona contra la violencia sexual durante los Sanfermines y el resto del año

Las fiestas de San Fermín se han dado a conocer por las denuncias sobre violencia sexual. Sin embargo, las autoridades locales aseguran que es bueno que más mujeres estén reportando agresiones. English.

How Pamplona is fighting sexual violence during the running of the bulls – and beyond

The San Fermín festival has become known for reports of sexual violence. But local officials say it’s a good thing that more women are disclosing attacks. Español.

Por qué necesitamos un Museo de la Vagina para combatir el estigma y la vergüenza en la sexualidad femenina

Hablar de vaginas y vulvas es aún un tabú y esto puede acarrear serias consecuencias para nuestra salud. English

Why the world needs a Vagina Museum to combat shame and stigma about women’s sexuality

Talking about vaginas and vulvas remains taboo – and this can have serious consequences for our health. Español.

'A historic victory for women's rights': how the world responded to Ireland's abortion referendum

Media from the UK to Argentina react to the results of Friday’s vote, laying the path to legislation for safe abortion services for Irish women.

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