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About Roger Southall

Roger Southall is professor of sociology and research associate in the Society, Work and Development Institute, University of the Witwatersrand. His publications include Democracy in Africa: Moving Beyond a Difficult Legacy (Human Sciences Research Programme, 2005); (edited with Henning Melber) Legacies of Power: Leadership Change and Former Presidents in African Politics (IPG, 2006); (co-edited with John Daniel) Zunami! The 2009 South African Elections (Jacana, 2009); and, as co-editor, several editions of the annual "state of the nation" survey of South Africa.

Articles by Roger Southall

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

South Africa's massacre: peeling the onion

The shooting dead of striking miners by armed police at Marikana exposes hard truths about post-apartheid South Africa that the country's new elites have preferred to ignore, says Roger Southall.

South Africa's political duel: Zuma vs Malema

South Africa's president has outgunned his young, ambitious rival and cleared the road to re-election. But the struggle between them casts an unforgiving light on aspects of the country's governance, says Roger Southall.

South Africa’s media: the Zimbabwe precedent

South Africa’s liberation from apartheid promised, as one of democracy’s essential supports, a climate of media freedom to ensure the accountability of those in power. But the country’s ruling ANC now proposes legislation that would endanger this freedom. The echoes of Zimbabwe are too close to ignore, says Roger Southall.

Jacob Zuma: a year of drift

The South African president’s achievement on his anniversary in power is to leave his country rudderless and his party at war, says Roger Southall.

South Africa’s election: a tainted victory

The African National Congress will win a fourth consecutive triumph - yet its dominance of South Africa’s electoral arena is crumbling, says Roger Southall.

Zimbabwe: the death of “quiet diplomacy”

The resignation of Thabo Mbeki as South Africa’s president is linked to the failure of Zimbabwe’s power-sharing agreement. The result is to restore the political initiative to Robert Mugabe's regime, says Roger Southal.

(This article was first published on 20 October 2008)

Thabo Mbeki's fall: the ANC and South Africa's democracy

The transition of power in South Africa exposes intense political rivalries within the ruling party and raises wider questions about the country's constitutional future, says Roger Southall.

(This article was first published on 13 October 2008)

The politics of pressure: the world and Zimbabwe

The brutal pre-election repression of Robert Mugabe's regime may at last have brought the world to a tipping-point of disgust. But this is where the hard questions begin, says Roger Southall.

South Africa and Zimbabwe: the end of “quiet diplomacy”?

A shift in South Africa's political mood over the crisis in Zimbabwe may have decisive effects in both countries, says Roger Southall.

(This article was first published on 29 April 2008)

South African lessons for Kenya

The unfolding political tragedy in Kenya casts fresh light on the Jacob Zuma "tsunami" and on South Africa's wider political compromise, says Roger Southall.

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