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Roger Tatoud, Ph.D. works in the field of HIV prevention in London and is a volunteer for a number of HIV-related organisations.

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice


2050 – World Peace. It was the economy, stupid! On 9 September 2011 the world banking system collapsed for good soon after Portugal, Italy and Spain requested a bank bailout. The fall of the Asian Tigers followed when the Western market suddenly vanished. Civil unrest, chaos and a decade of war ended only when the stock of military weapons ran out; production had ceased, and there was no longer money to make out of war. Money meant nothing anyway but killing your enemy meant you had to get close to him; violence had a human face again. That’s when people started to come together. Because the Internet had miraculously survived we reconnected and started rebuilding human-size communities with a sense of belonging. All voices were heard. That’s when we shared the world rather than exploit it. It took 30 years, but we are now at peace. One human being, one voice, one vote.

“At last, putting weapons to good use” - a work by Cristóvão Canhavato (Kester) taken at the French Cultural Centre in Maputo, Mozambique. Photograph - Roger Tatoud

HIV Prevention: towards the medicalisation of sex?

2010 will be a year to remember for the field of HIV prevention. Two clinical studies are raising the hope that the HIV epidemic can be tamed. But only if we get it right.

A funding struggle for an HIV prevention in women’s hands

Scientific decisions over AIDS are in danger of being left at the mercy of economics as scientists and activists divide over fears of jeopardising what little funds are available in a recession

Gendering the fight against Aids

To tackle Aids, empowering women will not work without "disempowering" men, says Roger Tatoud, as the sixteenth international Aids conference stresses women's role in combating the disease.

Wealth versus health - the Thai frontier

Affordable drugs are crucial for fighting AIDS in developing countries, but the United States puts their availability at risk through its harsh trade agreements. Will Thailand stop the US in its tracks, and help protect access to life-saving treatments for citizens worldwide?

Genes and ownership: a scientific approach

Genetic testing and stem cell research are two areas of recent development which are receiving considerable public and political interest, and which have very important social, economic and political repercussions. But the scientific concepts at issue are poorly understood, which may well fatally distort the debate.

Gridlocking Knowledge

Copyright benefits publishers, service providers and biotech companies, but in this scientist’s view, it is a wicked obstacle to scientific progress.
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