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About Ronan Harrington

Ronan Harrington is a freelance political strategist. He is a co-creator of Alter Ego, a gathering exploring the future of progressive politics.

Articles by Ronan Harrington

This week's editor


Mehmet Kurt is this week’s guest editor, introducing the theme, ‘New Turkey and Old Troubles’.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why progressives need to take higher states of consciousness seriously

Far from being detached from reality, visionary alternatives to neo-liberalism are the product of deeper and deeper engagement.

Why spirituality is the key to a more visionary politics

Progressive renewal lies in a deep recognition that we are not choosing our current lives. An introduction to this week's guest-edited series: spirituality and visionary politics.

How Corbyn can break the conservative consensus

Three drivers of change have the potential to disrupt neoliberal hegemony: post-material longing, the logic of inclusive capitalism, and the emergence of secular spirituality.

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