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Rori Donaghy is a news editor at Middle East Eye.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

UAE recruiting ‘elite task force’ for secret surveillance state

A security researcher says he was offered $20,000 a month to help the UAE government spy on the public.

Abu Dhabi announces launch of Israeli-installed mass surveillance system

The Internet of Things applies unique identifiers to objects, including people to be followed, and provides large amounts of data on all aspects of an individual’s movements and activities.

Interview: Martin Kobler, the UN envoy trying to put Libya back together

The veteran German diplomat speaks about the challenge of uniting Libya and ending a civil war.

A new Palestinian leader for a new intifada?

A former political advisor to Hamas insists it's still too early to call a third intifada, but says it will grow into one as a new young leadership emerges.

UAE's political show trials

The latest trial saw 20 Egyptians and 10 Emiratis found guilty in a process marred by a litany of human rights and fair trial violations.The widening influence of security services, which act with complete impunity, causes grave concern for the safety of those brave enough to challenge repressive actions by the authorities.

Autocrats, super-tweeps and Twitter’s overnight tribes

Why people who seek to use Twitter as a measure of popularity, legitimacy or credibility should begin by blocking their fake followers.

Bizarre trials in UAE

The logic of the authorities is truly Orwellian – the only offence of the ‘criminals’ was thought crime.

No-go areas and arms deals

With a worsening human rights record that includes the alleged torture of both British and Emirati citizens, shouldn’t this visit also be a chance to raise issues of concern with the president of the UAE?

UAE cybercrimes law and EU principle

It is impressive, but also expedient, that an EU resolution condemning the human rights record of a vital trading partner has passed, when UAE-EU trade totalled over twenty billion dollars in the first six months of 2012.

The hypocrisy of Us

Syrian diplomats have been expelled and the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has explained that his priority is ‘to provide for the end of all violence’ amidst waves of public revulsion at the growing atrocities in poor Syria. Isn’t this cynical manipulation and hypocrisy?

Human rights in the UAE

If you are one of the million Brits who will visit the UAE this year, think about this as you are seduced by the Lionel Richie led dancing water fountain in Dubai, and think about the UAE 7

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