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About Rumy Hasan

Rumy Hasan is a senior lecturer at Sussex University and author of Multiculturalism: Some Inconvenient Truths (2010) and Dangerous Liaisons: the Clash between Islamism and Zionism (2013)

Articles by Rumy Hasan

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Beware of Islamism with a liberal veneer

A furore has broken out in the UK over whether it is permissable for public meetings on university campuses to be sexually segregated. In their claim to exercise this as a right Muslim fundamentalists are hypocritically exploting liberal principles they do not themselves adhere to.

Muslims, Australian cricket and high politics: the case of Fawad Ahmed

From the outset Fawaz Ahmed insisted that as a Muslim he (unlike Usman Khawaja) would not wear the team shirt with the sponsor’s logo, that of Victoria Bitter.

Immigration and the British dream

Does solidarity break down with multiculturalism? And if so, how can we respond? Rumy Hasan reviews The British Dream: Successes and Failures of Post-war Immigration by David Goodhart.

How the clash between Islamism and Zionism not only affects the Middle East but also the west

The author in his latest book, Dangerous Liaisons: The Clash between Islamism and Zionism (2013), contends that the antagonism between Islamism and Zionism in the west is a significant threat to integration and social cohesion. More attention should be paid to this ethno-religious political clash that has already seen its first proxy war

The tensions between Muslim identity and Western citizenship

Across the West the arrival of significant numbers of migrants has caused a number of acute and ongoing challenges, notably in terms of social cohesion. These should not be overstated, but nor should they be ignored.

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