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About Saba Waheed

Saba Waheed is Research Director at the UCLA Labor Center. She has fifteen years of research experience developing projects with strong community participation. With her team at the UCLA Labor Center, she coordinated the first ever study of domestic work employers, launched a study of young people in the service economy, and conducted research on the taxi industry. In addition to her research work, Saba is an award-winning radio producer and writer. She co-produces the radio show Re:Work, a storytelling show about work and Flip the Script on KPFK. She received an MA in Anthropology from Columbia University.

Articles by Saba Waheed

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Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

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Dispelling myths: why domestic employer-worker solidarity is not so far-fetched

Important research from California shows that many employers have more in common with the domestic workers they employ than you might think.

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