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About Sajda Mughal

Sajda Mughal, OBE, is Director of the JAN Trust which educates, engages and empowers grass roots disadvantaged women and girls. She develops and delivers programmes locally, nationally and internationally focusing on issues such as women’s’ rights, education, radicalisation, integration, citizenship and community cohesion. Sajda has firsthand experience as a victim of terrorism; she is the only known Muslim survivor of the atrocious London terror attack on 7 July 2005.



Articles by Sajda Mughal

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The UK's missing girls: preventing online radicalisation

Less than 4% of Muslim mothers who attended a programme in Britain to equip them with basic IT skills knew who ISIS were. Education is key to enabling them to prevent the online radicalisation of their children.

Ending forced marriage in the UK: the problem with top down policy

As the GIRL Summit opens in London today, Sajda Mughal argues that the failure to include working with perpetrators and changing mindsets in affected communities on the agenda, means that the root of the problem will not be addressed.

Forced marriage in the UK: hidden from view

Plans by the government to criminalise forced marriage in the UK will put women and girls at even greater risk of violence. Forced marriages can only be tackled from within and by the community, with sufficient resources to support this work, says Sajda Mughal

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